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A Day in the Mountains…

Both Summer and Winter hiking ascents have long been popular in the region – and rightfully so. Nothing beats “a day in the mountains” and the Adirondacks have long been considered the best wilderness hiking area in the East. From hikes up trailed and trailess 46ers to spectacular slide climbs (some technical, some not), the Adirondacks have something for everyone.

Our hiking guides have guided all the 46, numerous times. They are licensed, experienced and know the routes intimately. Throughout the years Rock and River has helped over 70 individuals obtain their quest for the 46. We are avid members of the organization and love answering any questions anyone might have regarding summiting these peaks…

Our hiking program is perfect for;

  • Individuals wanting a hiking partner or knowledgeable guide along
  • Families wishing to learn basic hiking and camping skills
  • Aspiring 46ers seeking efficient and experienced guidance up the 4000 footers
  • Hikers ready to leave the trails and ascend the classic, non-technical slides
  • Slide climbers wishing to tackle the steeper, more technical slides (may need a day of rope-work depending on the objective)

Favorite slide climbs include;

  • Giant’s western cirque – Easily seen outside Keene Valley, these classic slides (Eagle and Bottle) are on every mountaineers must do list.
  • Giant’s East Face – This impressive cirque is scenic and secluded with excellent roped pitches below the summit. Highly recommended!
  • Benny’s Slide on Lower Wolf-Jaw – Considered the area’s best, moderate slide climb – especially since Hurricane Irene has cleaned it up! A great family outing…
  • The Finger Slide on Gothics – Numerous roped pitches up the Adirondack’s most impressive cirque.
  • Trap Dyke – Often referred to as “The Adirondack Mountaineering Classic” Even better now since Hurricane Irene has contributed a new exit slide…


* A surcharge for more involved, extended outings may apply. Gear such as snowshoes, micro spikes etc. is additional and is available for rent. Contact us for more information.

Hikes 1 Person 2 People 3 People Group*
Moderate Day Hikes
Generally up to 8 hours
Example: Porter/Cascade, Algonquin, Giant (by itself), Big Slide, Phelps…
$240 $280 $320 Call
Full Day Hikes
Generally from 8 to 10 hours
Example: Marcy, Tabletop/Phelps, Giant/Rocky, Street/Nye, Haystack, Marshall…
$280 $320 $360 Call
Extreme “Day” Hikes
Longer days, often 10 plus hours
Example: Redfield/Cliff, Sewards, Santanonis, Dixes, Allen, Skylight/Gray…
$320 $360 $400 Call

* Family discounts are available

* We have Guiding Gift Certificates available. Call us to get one sent in the mail today!