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Bill Dodd

Bill Dodd

Bill’s been guiding and climbing locally, well… longer than anyone can recollect! Noted for his purist approach and easy-going manner, Bill’s sojourns range from mountaineering ascents in Alaska and Canada to technical rock and ice climbs throughout the United States. Probably Rock and River’s most traveled guide, he’s been going strong for over forty years and hasn’t yet shown any signs of slowing down. Our in-house computer genius, he is now a retired high school physics teacher and is married to his wife of many years, Diane. Bill guides all disciplines at any level, anytime and anyplace.

Born: We think so but probably before records were kept

Education: Graduated from Hiram college (Ohio) in 1974 with a degree in chemistry and received a Masters degree from Ohio State in education

Guiding disciplines: Rock, ice and skiing

Dream trip: Where else? Yosemite of course…

Preferred Adirondack cliff: The Spider’s Web (rarely seen elsewhere)

Favorite food: A cold Sam Adams