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Jan Wellford

Jan Wellford

Jan began hiking in the Adirondacks as a child when visiting family in Keene Valley. He moved to Keene Valley in 2003 and completely fell in love with the High Peaks, spending as much time as possible in the mountains. His knowledge of High Peaks trails is extensive, having hiked almost 900 high peaks summits (including seven rounds of the 46).

Many of you will recognize Jan from the Mountaineer, where he worked for nine years before becoming a stay-at-home dad. He spends his small amount of free time running and cross-country skiing, and looks forward to long days guiding in his favorite mountains.

Born: 1981, in Bethel, Maine; Raised near Boston

Education: Degree in computer science from Dartmouth College

Guiding disciplines: Hiking, Backpacking

Dream trip: Backcountry skiing in British Columbia

Preferred Adirondack cliff: The hiking, climbing and skiing playground of Gothics

Favorite food: Artichokes? Ribs? Beer? Impossible to pick just one.