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Jeremy Haas

Jeremy Haas

Raised in Ithaca and currently teaching high school science, Jeremy’s one of those amazing people that seems to be a natural at whatever he does. From skiing the steepest backcountry slides, to waltzing up 5.11 cracks to finessing the latest mixed test pieces, Jeremy’s simply happiest when he’s outdoors having fun with his friends. AMGA certified and an accomplished writer (co-author of the area’s climbing guide: Adirondack Rock), Jeremy’s best known for his patient, positive personality, a trait that makes him a hit with timid beginners as well as first time leaders. Jeremy guides all disciplines at all levels for Rock and River, year round.

Born: 1973, raised in Ithaca, NY

Education: Received his Bachelors in Biology from the Univ. of N.H. and his Masters in education from Cornell

Guiding disciplines: Rock, ice and skiing

Dream trip: Mediterranean seaside cliff cragging

Preferred Adirondack Mountain: Gothics on that rare day in spring when you can ice climb the North face, rock climb the South face, and ski back down the True North slide…

Favorite food: Jeremy’s famous homemade pizza