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Matt Horner

Matt Horner

Known at Rock and River as “Mr. Ice”, Matt has few peers once the cold stuff arrives. Talented and experienced, his ability to determine when climbs are safely in and more importantly, when not, is unmatched. An accomplished rock climber as well, Matt guides year-round, supplementing his income as a sculptor (using what medium – rock of course!). Good natured and highly popular with clients, Matt takes a lot of kidding about his “rap star” appearance (earrings and all), yet once in the field, his maturity and professionalism are unquestioned. Never one to turn down a cold beer or a free meal, Matt’s guiding reputation and dedicated clientele have grown tremendously throughout the region.

Born: 1969, raised in Westchester county, NY

Education: School of hard knocks…

Guiding disciplines: Ice and rock

Dream trip: Anywhere with mountains, the Himalayas for starters…

Preferred Adirondack cliff: Mixed routes at Avalanche Lake

Favorite food: Anything cooked and not moving