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Guiding Policies and Frequently Asked Questions



All guiding reservations must be made via phone (initial contact may be made by e-mail). Because of the more involved nature of hiring a guide, we have no on-line reservation system for guiding. When making a reservation a deposit is required to complete the reservation. The deposit amount is normally $50 for a Private Guiding reservation and $100 for a Group. The balance due is payable upon arrival. We accept cash, checks made out to Rock and River as well as credit cards (MasterCard and Visa). When trying to book a reservation we recommend calling between 7:30 and 9:00 in the morning and between 6:00 and 8:00 in the evening. In the event that the answering machine is reached, messages are checked frequently and calls returned promptly…


Because our guides are professionals, this is their job and they depend upon it. When a booking is made they give up other opportunities. With this in mind we’ve implemented a cancellation/refund policy that we believe is fair, simple and based upon mutual trust. In a case of the client cancelling, no refund will be issued but if notification is given more than 14 days in advance, a full credit for future guiding will be given. In the event that poor weather is responsible for a cancellation (our decision), a full refund will be issued. In the case where a portion of the day is cancelled due to weather, the guiding fee will be reduced proportionally.

Client requirements

All guided clients will be required to sign a release of liability waiver and medical form prior to participation. Individuals under the age of 18 must receive parental consent before registering (a waiver and medical form must be filled out and can be downloaded from this site). Although we make every possible effort to assure the safety of our clients, it must be understood that due to the environs in which these pursuits take place, high adventure activities involve risk and are inherently dangerous relative to other recreational outlets. We urge individuals to strongly consider these facts when deciding whether or not to engage in these activities.

Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to stay at Rock and River to hire a guide?

A: No, but if our kind of lodging experience is what you seek, it truly is more convenient and relaxed to wake up, stroll down to breakfast, meet your guide and plan the day…

Q: I’m afraid of heights and not a real strong, “outdoorsy” person. Can I still learn to climb?

A: Believe me, just about everyone that’s normal is afraid of heights, and believe it or not, climbing’s not about strength but footwork and balance. We love working with beginners/families and get people from all walks of life, ages and abilities. Our philosophy is to start out on low angled slab climbs reducing fearful exposure so that confidence can be gained and skill development can take place.

Q: Speaking of fear, what’s your safety record?

A: We’re glad you asked that! We’ve had over 20,000 clients pass through our doors and the worst things we can remember are a couple of bruised egos…

Q: Will you guide hiking trips/46ers?

A: Yes, yes, yes! We know the peaks extremely well and absolutely love being in the mountains! We’ve helped dozens of individuals finish their 46 and find that to be tremendously rewarding…

Q: So what differentiates you from your competitors?

A: Probably our philosophy would jump to our minds first. We care about the area and the service we provide. We want the client to enjoy the activity, love the Adirondacks and begin a lifetime association with both! On a more specific note, we’ve guided the most clients in the region, have the oldest, most experienced staff in the region and offer the most amenities to our clients within the region (lodging, camping, rock wall, ice park etc.).

Q: So why is “River” a part of you name?

A: We goofed! We no longer guide on rivers, but the name was established back when we did, and besides, we feel it’s rather catchy…