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Virtually Endless Backcountry Opportunities…

The Adirondack Park houses many superb roadside climbing areas (upon which we usually guide/teach) but it is the more remote wilderness cliffs that make the climbing experience here truly unique. We’ve guided individuals, couples, parent/child teams as well as numerous groups (school, scouts, friends) into many of these locations and feel that these trips are the most memorable that we offer. From slide climbs to group top-rope sessions to multi-pitch classics, trips of any length and ability level can be arranged. We are highly experienced, know the region and enjoy the challenge of devising the perfect adventure!

With the backcountry opportunities being virtually endless, we’ve listed what we consider to be some of the very best below. These trips can be accomplished in a day or can involve camping where the guide hikes in and meets the group at a prearranged site. Even multi-day wilderness climbs involving a central base camp can be arranged. We offer these trips through our Private Guiding or Group Instruction programs (at those rates) and charge an additional surcharge per trip of $100. If the guide is required to stay out overnight special pricing arrangements need to be discussed. Call us if this is the case…


More of a scramble than a technical climb, yet challenging all the same. This rock fissure up Mt. Colden involves a minimal amount of ropework yet a good deal of steep, open slab hiking. Truly an Adirondack classic in every sense of the word, open to anyone in good physical condition – and now, thanks to Hurricane Irene, the Trap Dyke is much more open and fun than ever!!!
Climb rating: 4th class (non-technical)


The Northeast’s largest wilderness cliff, climbing here is as adventurous as it gets! With a five mile approach and eight hundred foot vertical climb, this one or two day trip provides the ultimate Adirondack challenge. Fortunately, Wallface has full length climbs at all ability levels. Especially recommended during the Fall.
Climb ratings: 5.2 – 5.10


This is by far an away our favorite backwoods group top-roping site. It has great views, a relatively short approach and excellent camping nearby. The cliff is seventy feet high and offers numerous quality routes at all levels. Individuals as well as groups should consider the Courthouse if looking for a fun day away from the crowds.
Climb ratings: 5.5 – 5.10


With the approach being by touring kayak or canoe, this four hundred foot slab rises directly out of Lake George and offers numerous climbs at moderate levels. Our most requested “off the beaten track” climb, this adventure, while not wilderness in nature, offers a spectacular setting nonetheless. Bathing suits are a must!
Climb ratings: 5.5 – 5.8


The recently pioneered climbs of Avalanche Pass are as scenic as any in the East. With an abundance of multi-pitch crack and corner climbs of moderate grades, this area is sure to grow in popularity once discovered. The approach is straight forward as well as enjoyable and camping opportunities abound. Don’t forget your film on this one!
Climb ratings: 5.6 – 5.10


Probably the most spectacular of all Adirondack settings, this Yosemite-like cirque has beautiful ledges, a grassy, open base and a wide variety of climbing challenges. The South Face can be climbed alone or in combination with the North Face Finger slide (5.3 friction) thus producing the ultimate Adirondack mountain day! Can be watched/filmed by friends from Pyramid Peak if desired.
Climb ratings: 5.5 – 5.10


While climbing on Henderson has existed for a few years, the land approach was private and thus the cliff saw little traffic. With the state’s recent purchase of Henderson Lake near Newcomb, this cliff is now easily accessible by boat as well as by trail. The climbs are fun, highly scenic and afford a different view of the high peaks. The approach begins in the deserted village of Tahawus (an 1800’s mining town) and camping is abundant. A unique cliff and location, destined to soon become popular.
Climb ratings: 5.8 – 5.10


An Adirondack gem! A four mile hike to the summit slab and then an afternoon of fabulous friction climbing in an unparalleled aesthetic setting. With a base camp set in the John’s Brook Valley, this trip can be combined with a few days of spectacular hiking/slide climbing.
Climb ratings: 5.7 – 5.9


Without a doubt Noonmark is one of the nicest and most popular of the Adirondack peaks. Better still, the west face sports a ninety foot summit cliff peppered with crack and face climbs that cover a wide variety of levels. Scenic and fun, this crag is a great combination hiking/climbing trip and is ideal for small groups as well as families. Can be made into an easy overnighter with a camping base merely a half mile in on Round pond.
Climb Ratings: 5.3 – 5.9


This rarely done slide climb with a technical rock finish is destined to become a classic. It fills a niche for those looking for a varied mountain day complete with hiking, slide climbing and moderate roped climbing to an outstanding summit. A personal favorite!
Climb ratings: 4th class if bypassing the headwall finish, 5.5 if ascending the headwall