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Rock Climbing Group Instruction

Friends, Schools, Outing Clubs, Scouts, Businesses…

Groups in the Northeast have long found the Adirondacks to be a great location for learning to rock climb. The area has a true mountain feel and plenty of outstanding teaching sites, many of which are wilderness in nature. Rock and River’s experience, knowledge and affordable rates combined with our various group lodging/camping options have made us the most popular group oriented guide service in the region. We’re proud of that title as we enjoy introducing the next generation of climbers to the proper fundamentals of safe, responsible climbing techniques.

We define a group as any collection of individuals that total four or more. We only take groups that form before they call us, that is, we do not group strangers together. Examples of groups are; friends, families, schools, outing clubs, scouts, businesses etc. We guide groups at all levels of top-roping and can tailor the session to the particular needs of the group. Call us for ideas…

Group Guiding Rates – Rock Climbing

  • Prices shown in total
of People
Cost per Person
per Day
4-6 $90
7-8 $85
9-12 $80

* We give special discounts to family groups – call for details.

* If more than 8 climbers in the group, we may need to split the group up and go to two different sites…

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