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Rock Climbing Private Guiding

One Guide and Up to Three People…

Private Guiding is the program through which all rock clients register except for groups. Private Guiding simply means that one guide will be with you or you and your friends. It also means that you will have no more than three people total with your guide (you and two of your friends max). Thus one person can register under Private Guiding or one person and up to two friends.

We don’t put strangers together ever. Once a client has more than two friends, it falls under the Group Instruction category and they must register through that program and apply those rates.

Private Guiding is appropriate for everyone, beginners through experts. It allows individuals to focus more on what they desire and steepens their learning curve. Through Private Guiding, individuals can request whatever they wish to do as long as the guide deems them qualified. Popular requests include:

  • Beginners wishing to get a taste for the sport to see if they enjoy it
  • Novices wanting to enter the sport learning the fundamentals in a correct, safety oriented manner
  • Intermediate climbers wishing to become better, more efficient climbers or to perfect a skill such as seconding or learning to lead
  • Experienced climbers seeking to be guided on classic backcountry routes

To register for Private Guiding simply give us a call. We’ll need to know your goals and experience. Mornings before 9:00 and evenings are best. If you reach the answering machine, leave a message and we’ll return your call promptly. For all Private Guiding sessions we provide the gear (if needed) as well as lunch…


  • Offered year round
  • Prices shown in total
of People
1 $225 $440 $640 $850 $1060
2 $290 $570 $850 $1130 $1400
3 $350 $680 $1010 $1330 $1650
Parent/Child* $270 $530 $790 $1050 $1300

* Extra children will be charged $50/day.

* We have Guiding Gift Certificates available. Call us to get one sent in the mail today!