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Why the Adirondacks?

A Magical Place…

The Adirondack Park is a magical place. More than six million acres (and growing), it contains almost ninety percent of the country’s wilderness east of the Rockies. Larger than the entire state of Vermont, the park offers something truly unique to the outdoor adventurer.

Retreating glaciers over ten thousand years ago carved out a landscape full of geological wonders; a spectacular region complete with rocky summits, sheer cliffs and cool mountain lakes. Settlers found the area “inhospitable” and thus in the early 1800’s, the region was only sparsely inhabited. By the latter part of the century, roads and tourist hotels began encroaching upon the mountain wilderness. Fortunately, early conservationists recognized the need to preserve large tracts of this unspoiled region and thus in the 1890’s, the Adirondack Park was created.

Hiking, Climbing, Skiing, Biking, Paddling…

Today the park offers outdoor enthusiasts a full range of recreational opportunities, from accessible cragging, trailed hiking and developed skiing to backcountry rock ascents, uncharted bushwacks and wilderness ski descents. Regardless of one’s preference, from roadside to remote, the backdrop for all Adirondack activities is mountainous in nature where waterfalls and scenic vistas abound.

It’s this backdrop – this sensation of being in a true mountain wilderness – that sets the Adirondacks apart. It’s also the reason we created and based Rock and River here. We love these mountains, know them intimately and care for them continually.

We hope you’ll visit us the next time you’re in the region and let us share “our park” with you. We’re sure you’ll agree, the Adirondacks truly are a magical place!